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top Shelby Dodge?

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What's the general consensus of the 'apex' of Shelby Dodges?

In other words, which car would be considered the 'best of the best'?

(I know he was the 'Godfather' of the Viper, and THAT is one awesome vehicle, but, from my admittedly, limited understanding, he was having heart problems during much of the design/etc. But if anyone believes THAT'S the best...what would be directly after it)? (How's THAT for trying to avoid controversy)?biggthumpup.gif


(MY favorite, of course, is the Shelby Charger, but I'll NEVER be confused with a 'motor-head') redface.gif

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1986 Dodge Omni GLHS! I owned #141 for a bit, but had to sell it. Have also had: 1985 GLH-T(Black); 1986 GLH N/A(Santa Fe Blue); 1986 GLH-T(black) with full Super 60 T-2 conversion which ran a best of 12.93@ 111mph.



Two too many doors! :victory:

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it depends....if we're talking about diehard Shelbys, then the Omni GLHS. But if we're just talking about a Dodge with a Shelby badge, than that's simple, 92 "Chrysler" Daytona Shelby / Iroc R/T (only the very first few 92 Irocs had Shelby's name on 'em). 224hp, TIII what's not to love?





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I own the 86 GLHS and the 89 CSX, the CSX in 89 is easily the top car. The issue with all Shelbys is that the more "caveman" they are the more people love them. I love my 86 but it defines crude. The 89 CSX is still today the F40 of all FWD cars ever made, there just hasn't been a nicer more balanced FWD ever. Adding the interior, body kit and the suspension on the car and it is incredible from all angles. But, roll down the window and listen to the side exhaust 3" exhaust on the 86 and go terrorize. Mine used to run high 12s at 110 on the daily radials, even today it is very rare to find something faster around here.


The 89 also is soo much that you get a lot of ricer comments lol. My workers like the STi's, we had a driving day a couple years ago. Let them drive both cars, about 10 young people below 25. More than half liked the CSX, and mine isn't modded. The sleeper image that I bought my 86 for is ruined too, everyone thinks a 4 door is a race car somehow today.... The 87 is gorgeous and todays youth thinks the 86 is better looking LMAO.

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