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2005-2006 Ford GT Literature Collection For Sale


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Hey all,


Here is a list of the items I have. I'm not sure these are the "official" names of the items...




1. (2)
centennial portfolios signed by Camilo Pardo. #10 & #13. #10 has a wrinkled corner and each page has a slight crease in the corner about the size of a half dollar. If someone wanted to frame these prints the frame would cover this.




2. (3) Parts counter mats. One is #MCSC06 with a red GT and parts in yellow circles. The other two have a red GT and say "No compromise..." # 200641_00.




3. (2) 2005 GT portfolio, item #05GTPORT. One is sealed in original box.




4. (1) Revell "The
Collection" mailing packet to order a GT40 die cast car.




5. (1) 2005 owners manual in leather case.




6. (1) 2006 owners manual in leather case, still in original cellophane.




7. (3) leather case for owners manual, still in original cellophane.




8. (2) 2006 owners manuals in original cellophane, (these go in the leather cases).




9. (1) 2005 owners manual in original cellophane. (goes in the leather case).




10. (1)
Highlights DVD.




11. (3) The Ford GT DVD.




12. (2) 2006 owners guide, still in cellophane.




13. (1) 2005 owners guide.




14. (2) Sets of 2006 sales brochures, sealed in cellophane as a set of 3




15. (1) Brochure for the Ronald McDonald House 13th annual collector car drawing and (3) tickets.




16. (8) White/Blue GT40 coasters.




17. (2) 2005 Ford GT hero cards.




18. (2) 2005 Ford GT preview guides.




19. (2) 2005 Ford GT specs/details for a 3 ring binder.




20. (2) 2006 Ford GT specs/details for a 3 ring binder, one loose and one in a binder.




21. (1) GT40 concept 2002.




22. (2) 2006 new models catalog.




23. (2) GT40 media info packet with DVD and slides.




24. (2)
guides, one for silver paint and one for red.




25. (1) Feb/March 2004 "Frontline" with white/blue 2005 Ford GT on the cover.




26. (1) "Living Legends" media/press release for T-bird, Mach1 & Ford GT.




27. (2) Motorcraft parts packet.




28. (2) 2005 Ford GT sales brochures.




29. (1) Ford GT Dealer Handbook.




30. (3) 2006 Ford GT calendars.




31. (6) "I rather be driving a




32. (10) "Living Legends Tour" GT40 concept postcards.




33. (1) Ford GT media package/press release with DVD




34. (1) Ford GT fast facts, Ford confidential, internal use only.




35. (1)
facts, Ford confidential, internal use only.




I would really like to sell the whole collection rather than split it up. I'm afraid if I split it up it will be hard to sell just the individual pieces...? Items are in excellent condition, some are in mint condition (still in original packaging and have never been opened).


You can go to
to see the pictures. You can email me at
. I want the best offer over $3000.00.


The only reason I am selling this collection is to help fund upgrades I have planned for my 07 Shelby GT that I autox.


Thanks for your support.




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Hey all,


I put the collection along with some books I decided to sell also on eBay. Items #171010767969 & #171010826802. The auctions run until 4/7.






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