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KR brake cooling ducts


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So I ordered the KR brake cooling ducts with bezels and the lower grill with the pre cut holes. Does anyone have good instruction for how to install the lower grill. I hear I have to remove the entire front bumber?



Yeah, I removed the front facia. MUCH easier than it sounds. Hmm, mine is a 2010 though so I'm not sure on the earlier Gen.


There are tabs and locks on the grille. You have to pull back the locking tabs to push out the grille tabs. I was scared to break the locking tabs (on the facia) at first but they are pliable/soft and bend back without any issue.


I have heard of one guy that did it on the car. I did mine on the bench and don't regret it for a second.


You're smart to get the pre-cut grille. It's not just a straight hole you cut through the grille, there are multiple angles and it took a die grinder with LOTS of patience to do mine.







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