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PNW List of Tracks

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I would like to start a list of tracks that we can consider for events in Washington and Oregon. Please post up your favorite tracks and give details about them. Location, facilities, type of tracks and size, etc.

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The only track I have been to is our local favorite, Portland International Raceway. There is a full schedule on their website. The Late Night Drags are a blast, and I have done full course road racing through Pro Drive, and many clubs sponsor track days there as well. On some of the Wednesday night Cruise In's, they do a "Modern Muscle" night, which welcomes the newer Shelbys. Otherwise it is limited to '72 and older.

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Lance that sounds like a fun time. We should coordinate a meet at one of the newer Wednesdays. Could you let me know when the next one is? Also I would love to see your cobra II collection sometime!



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There is a brand new track called "The Ridge" that looks fun. http://www.ridgemotorsportspark.com/ Chris (clusher) ran it last summer with Van (Revan Racing) so they can probably tell you more about it. This might be a great track to have a driving event.


We also have Pacific Raceways http://www.pacificraceways.com/Index.aspx I know Mustangs Northwest (MCA) has had events there as part of their big July Roundup.

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There is also Oregon Raceway Park in Grass Valley http://oregonraceway.com/ and Spokane County Raceway http://www.spokaneco...ceway.com/SCR/. I haven't run at either but I've heard lot's of good things about ORP.


Many of the clubs, ProFormance Racing School http://www.proforman...cingschool.com/ and Turn2 Lapping http://www.turn2lapping.com/index.html have track days at Pacific, The Ridge and ORP. The new NASA Northwest http://www.nasanorthwest.com/ will also have events at Pacific, The Ridge, Portland and ORP this summer.


I believe the Mustangs Northwest "Ride and Drive" http://www.mustangsn...org/default.asp will be at Pacific on July 18th and I think SVTOA Seattle http://www.svtoaseattle.com/Home.html may be looking to have an event at Pacific in September.

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PIR (Portland, OR) / I have ran 12+ times or more

Pacific Raceway (Kent, Wa) / I have ran SOOO many time since 1993

Oregon Raceway Park (middle of no where USA) http://oregonraceway...track-info-map/ / near been too

The Ridge Motorsport Park (Shelton, WA) / ran 2 day event last fall - my favorite NW track and all time next to Thunder Hill

Spokane Raceway - never been to


Most NW events can be found here





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Been reading up on post and here is a quick look at the PNW tracks check out this on the ICSCC webstie They do put on schools by each club at each of these tracks and will get you up and going on a new track, not just a racing school. Also, two new tracks, more private track then public (like say PIR): Vancouver Island Motorsports and Area27 both in both in British Columbia, Canada. http://islandmotorsportcircuit.com/ and http://www.area27.ca/


http://icscc.com/tracks.php this link shows quick reference to the shape and lengths plus the directions they can be run. Each track has a link to its website.


They each have there own personality's! Fast tracks are the Ridge and Pacific then Portland with out the chicane. Then Spokane and back to Portland with Chicane. Technical track is Oregon Raceway and in some ways to me the most fun and challenging. Then up to Mission, one track I have not driven yet or raced on yet.


Both the Ridge and ORP are getting better. They both now have new restrooms and ORP has showers, also. like FordFan1 I have been racing with him and team Son of Andre a well sorted FOX body Chump Car that is much fun to race! I also, have competed in ICSCC, ST class that races in Group 4. I race a FR500S ex-Mustang Challenge racer. I have also raced with Northwest Hillclimb Association, hillclimbs?? Yes: http://www.nhahillclimb.org/ the one and only Peter Brock gave me the inspirations to do these things along with Allen Grant. The Hills: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TaQZK7qjN24 Old Shelby did a few of these in his time as did many of his drivers.


Would the TS PNW members here like to Meet up at the Mustangs NW event in July, 2017 for the track event at Pacific? For the tours? The Show? Would you like to plan for an event at Oregon Raceway Park in September ($150 +/- day)? What about the Ridge?

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