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Shelby GTS Prototype For Sale


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I didn't know where to post this as I don't find a classified section specifically for the Shelby GTS but this just came across my Facebook page this morning (Feb. 22, 2013). Feel free to move or re-post as necessary.


It's the White w/Gold 50th anniversery GTS Prototype car, for sale by Shelby American.




I'm not sure if you have to have facebook to view the page or not but if not, I can try to grab the pics and post them here (or wherever recommended by y'all).


This would be THE GTS to have, if I were in the market for one.


I don't see a price listed.....





Phill Pollard - Co. Springs, CO

2010 Kona Blue w/White stripes GT500 coupe

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I think it was a $ 100 ,ooo .00



Ouch. I'm surprised that one isn't going to Barrett Jackson so Ron Pratt can pay the big bucks for a #1 car, like he does with the other Shelby's he buys.




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It depends on the mileage.


It does have the 624HP Whipple, has painted stripes and clearcoat, and it's the first one.


I don't think the price is that bad overall.


My GTS priced around 90K with all the options and the price of the base car included.

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