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My buddy SS with WBK.......

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Very nice... :drool:


That WBK has really grown on me. I was on the fence in the beginning, but not anymore. Can't wait to see it live at NYC Auto Show!





I worked the show in Detroit, and we had two wide bodies there, a Candy Red SS and a Grabber Blue GTS, and both of them look great. The fit and finish is nothing short of perfect. The cars that were in Detroit will be the same ones as NYC.


You WILL be impressed!



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My buddy sent me more pictures...he is only waiting for the CF cowl cover and fuse box.....






Boy, it sure does look good in pictures!


I haven't seen a 2010+ MY yet so I'll reserve comment.


I know with the first Gen, I loved the look in pics but hated the car in person. I don't think it was a GT500 though so that might be a big factor (power dome hood, larger rear spoiler, etc.). That and the difference from '09E and '10L years.


I think the wheels look good on that Blue car. I dIdn't like 'em so much on the Candy Red SS but the darker blue seems to make them look more subtle.




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