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I thought I would take a minute to report my results.


I had a plug in kit from American Muscle but didn't like the fact that the brake lights and turn lights were BOTH sequential. I sold that set on eBay and bought a new splice-in kit direct from the Webelectric website. They were considerably less money, and though I was concerned about the wiring quality, everything was actually very good. The install was quite simple as well.


For the $70 this kit cost, I have no concern about the ability to go back to stock, and I could get junk yard harnesses to do that if I had to. The only splicing is on the external harness on the light housings. The factory wiring that is permanent in the trunk is not affected.


I didn't use the twist on connectors, but rather took a few minutes to solder all connections and then tape wrapped everything well.


It was super easy and the lights work beautifully. I would not hesitate to use this reasonably priced splice-in kit again. Very nice.


One thing that is cool is that this kit can be setup to sequence the brake lights too, or not, your choice. The choice to stop the sequence for braking only requires two extra included wires be run from the trunk to the passenger kick panel (and can easily have a switch added so that the feature can be enabled or disabled at will.)


Ironically, after installing them I sort of like the brake sequence in addition to the signals and may just leave them alone.


Very nice kit for the money and a fun little feature.

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