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Can u take a SS to Canada? Someone asked me and I have no clue. He wants to get a Shelby focus and says he can't export.....can anyone shed some light? Thanks



I think only if he buys a Focus ST here & either drive it down or ship it down to SAI. The best way is drive it down.

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That's just the way it works with Transport Canada. If you buy the car in Canada, get it registered and insured in Canada then you own a Ford Focus ST in the eyes of Transport Canada. When you take the car down to Shelby and then bring it back across the border, you have to pay GST/PST on the upgrades done by Shelby but you can still bring it into the country because you already own the car. It is still a Ford Focus ST in the eyes of Transport Canada, you just had some work done on it in the US.


On the other hand, if you buy a Ford Focus ST in the US, send it to Shelby and get the work done, THEN you try and bring it across the border, you are no longer bringing a Ford Focus ST into Canada. You are now bringing a Shelby Ford Focus ST and this type of car is not approved by Transport Canada and therefore they will not allow it.


I know this is crazy and it is just a technicality but this is the way it works. Check this site: List of Vehicles Admissible from the United States - PDF format** and scroll down to page 10 which shows the Ford cars admissible into Canada. There are many Shelby built cars that are admissible but so far a Ford Focus ST is not. This may change but the surefire way to get one into Canada right away is buy it in Canada, register/insure then take it to Shelby for the work. This is the simple way to get this done.


If you need more info, pm me as I have a large amount of experience with this exact problem and I'll do what I can to help. If you want to read more on the issues I had a few years ago check out this link http://www.teamshelb...tz-convertible/

Start reading about half way through post #54 and it will shed some insight into my difficulties with bringing my 07 GT-H into Canada.



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