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youngest female billionaire

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She has a day job. Torres is the owner and president of In-N-Out Burger, a chain of restaurants that's built a cult-like following for its dedication to fresh ingredients.


She loves racing cars. Torres, a car race enthusiast, has formed a husband-and-wife team with Val Torres Jr. to compete in drag races. She told National Dragster that she started attending drag races at age 2 and first competed one 12 years ago, driving a 1969 Camaro.


Maybe we should invite her to the Bash :)

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Sounds like Linsi Martinez? Did she remarry?




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It's really her THIRD husband that's into cars not her. She got into it after she married him. Technically she's not a billionaire until she reacher 35. She has 1/2 ownership of the chain now and the rest when she turns 35.



Her father was also an avid car enthusiast which played into some of the marketing of in n out. I'm sure many of us recall the Shelby t-shirts along with other classic car memrobillia.


I wonder what an original unmodified in n out bumper sticker sells for nowadays ;)



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I have always driven by the "In and Out" franchises when visiting out west.

Perhaps unaware of the "cult following."


Regardless - any outlet that sells "widow makers" disguised as nutritional fast food is really sending the wrong message. :nonono:

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I just want uncontrolled growth of in n out. I don't care if they eventually fail because they tried to grow too fast. They won't fail until I die. But I'm in Colorado and need a double double





I've been trying to convince them to open a In-n-Out in The Springs since I moved here.


Until recently, the closest one I knew of was on I-70 in St. George UT. I just found another in Kingman AZ so they're gettin' closer!


There was no Jack in the Box out here when I first moved too and I kept saying how well a JIB would go over here (we have a HUGE military population). Someone got the idea to open 4 new ones in CoS and they are all HUGE hits.


I'm still waitin' for In-n-Out Burgers, am on their FB page to try and convince them....


We just got a 5-Guys and someone said they were 'like' I-n-O, someone else said they were better....I disagree with BOTH statements. They're good but taste NOTING like a In-n-Out burger.


Actually, the closest TASTING burger I've found to a In-n-Out is....Wait for it.....Wendy's (the meat tastes the same).




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If I remember correctly there an in and out not far from the Southpoint!



Yep, it's on the next major road South on I-15, from the South Point (Blue Diamond Rd. if I remember correctly). Head west from I-15, not too far from the freeway.


I found it by mistake a few times back when I was headed over to my Grandson's (Mother's) apt. I always thought the one along I-15 was the only one in Vegas until we stumbled across the one on Blue Diamond Rd. We were staying at the So. Pt. and went to see the G-son and there it was......GLORY!


And not nearly as crowded as the one across I-15 from The Strip....



Phill (I LOVE In-n-Out!)

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I live near South Point and visit that In-N-Out WAY too often.


It's on Blue Diamond Road, 10 minutes from South Point, depending on traffic lights.





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