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Insult or compliment...(LOL)


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I was at the Ford Dealership getting my oil change and a general look over, and a guy pulled his car in ( base 2012 Chevy Camaro). as he walked into the waiting room (clear view of the maintence bay) i told him nice car we chatted for a little and told me how it was badass and had an awsome exhaust note, at this time I was holding my tongue, a few minutes past, then he asked me what was i driving, and as i was about to answer him, a deep rumbling thunder echoed throughout the vehicles bays, having half the waiting room customers turning to see where the rumbling came from...........i simply said without looking "thats mine".lol. And as my highly waxed 2010 Shelby Gt500 (Borla exhaust) pulled up to the service desk (in front of the glass waiting room area). the guy looked at me as if i insulted him without saying a word.............so i told him again he had a nice car, but he looked at me as if i put egg on his face................lesson from this story never bring a Chevy to a ford Dealership (Sandy Springs Ford-largest Shelby Dealer in Atlanta)....lol

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