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BF Goodrich G-Force KDW NT


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I had the bf Goodrich tires installed last week, per my signature below. I'm really enjoying them and am impressed with the traction and handling.

I took off my nitto nt05 up front and nt05r in back. I have been running drag radials in back exclusively since getting my kenne belle blower. I didn't think a street tire could handle the power adequately. A friend of mine ran the bf Goodrich tires on his whipple blown gt500 and swore by them. I was getting tired of not having cornering performance and made the change. They are a wide 285 section width...wider than my 305/35/18 Mickey Thompson drag radials I ran in the past.

These tires hook! I'm running 700rwhp and on a good decent street I can stab the throttle in second gear and keep traction. I have broken loose in second gear with these tires, but not easily.

With my koni sport shocks and struts and can take corners aggressively now...still getting use to how hard I can push it around corners.

I have considered widening my alcoas in the past, but I really don't think it is necessary with these tires at my power level.

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