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Before I pull the trigger


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I second Torch's recommendation, for that kind of money, you should be considering the VMP FRPP CAI, SCT Tuner, small pulley and idler kit.

It was the first mod I did on my car years ago, and it does make a big difference.

Besides making more power, another benefit is that the combo really helps to bring up the blower whine at WOT, I never get tired of hearing that sound.

Don't forget to pick up his pulley puller/installer too while you are at it, unless you have a buddy who can lend you one.


The kit comes with good instructions, the install should only take an hour or 2 depending on your experience and pace.

Not sure if they still carry it or not, but they used to offer a modified filter element similar to this one:


Instead of a flat plate, it had a reversed filter cone at the end to help reduce air flow restriction.

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I know what you mean, I like to use Ford Racing parts whenever I can as long as they fit the application.

They make some really cool performance items, and I like their clean badging/branding.

So far I am running an FRPP 2.3L TVS Blower, an FRPP 113mm CAI, an FRPP Rear Axle Girdle and an FRPP HD KR Style Strut Tower Brace.

They all work well and can recommend them.

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I bought the FR CAI for my first GT500. I honestly could not tell the difference with the Ford kit installed. I swapped back and forth several times but could not feel the difference. The open air filter allows more sound from the blower which is nice. After a few months I bought a tune from JLT for the Ford CAI but I did not like the way they setup the throttle response. At about half throttle on the pedal their tune signaled WOT (they might have changed that). I prefer to strongly row through the gears which their tune would not allow. I then bought a tune from VMP and that was much better for me. It did not jump to WOT unless you floored the pedal. I kept that setup until I sold the car.


My second 2007 GT500 I went straight to the VMP CAI, tune and pulley. The added power increase is amazing and makes the car so much faster, but it also forces you to start looking for better tires to handle the wheel spin.

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Check out VMP. Justin does great tunes. I have the Ford Racing CA and tune from him. Later I put on the smaller pulley. Wow what a change. Good luck.




I bought the Ford Racing CAI and VMP tune and 2.59 pulley for my wifes White 500.


My Grabber 500 has the 2.59 pulley and the VMP tune with the JLT CAI.


VMP rocks.





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