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How many of you have your cars in a video game?


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Ok, I admit it, I love to play Forza 4, I swear it helps me at the track:). Anyway, I was doing a search for paint designs and a design that is based on Adam O'Dwyer's car pops up. I snapped a few shots of the screen with my IPhone so the quality may not be the best. Man it's something else when your car lands in a video game! Kudos to Adam.post-21515-0-97094900-1359307886_thumb.jpgpost-21515-0-39939200-1359307922_thumb.jpgpost-21515-0-05760300-1359307951_thumb.jpgpost-21515-0-42341200-1359307973_thumb.jpg





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This is so cool guys.


Ledfoot, thank you so much for posting this. I thought it was so wild, as mentioned in the emails we shared.


xxkraken74xx, as mentioned in my email to you, I was honored that you had done such a thing and you are welcome to join me on a real track anytime. As mentioned, I am running the Lime Rock and Summit Point tracks this spring/summer so please feel free to contact me so you can join.


My kids want me to go out and buy the game right away. LOL



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Completely agree, that is just awesome!! I can't wait to download the paint skins. I'm in Maine right now (freezing my but off) on business and don't have F4 with me. A big thanks goes out to Ledfoot for bringing this to our attention, and most def to xxkraken74xx for making the skins. What can I say, I've been a gamer since the Atari/pong days and love the driving games, guess I'm just a big kid.



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