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Light Bar Wiring?


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I installed my Light Bar on my 2007 GT500 Convertible. All works well, except the existing Light on the tail fin is now not working. Before I open it all up again and do some trial and error, anyone have a suggestion what I did wrong?


With the Top UP, I am assuming the fin light should work. I'm also not sure why I wouldn't want the fin light to not work with the Top DOWN either. It's there, should work all the time I'd think. Any reason it should not?

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That's how mine works.


However, my issue is the existing light on the back spoiler. When the Top is up, is it supposed to be on? When the Top is down, is it supposed to be on? I've got the Light Bar working fine, and it is only on when the Top is down. However, my light on the back spoiler never comes on now. Is that what is intended?

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