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Shelby American Returns To Building Hi-Peformance FWD Four Cylinders

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Thought you Shelby Dodge enthusiasts would be pleased to know that Shelby American is getting back into high performance FWD four cylinder cars with the just released Shelby Focus.




I'll post links to the "official" press release and the SAI website later today when they go live.



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I like the car, really like the ST too, may get one lol. But even though yes a FWD hatch like the GLHS. BUT the 86 GLHS ran the 1/4 where the 4 bangers of the time just about ran the 0-60. It also beat big money "super cars" of the time. 14.7 quarter mile for the 86 GLHS and the GTi ran 0-60 at 14.1 seconds and the CRX Si ran 13.8.......


So the GLHS was the Super Snake,,, of the time. The Focus is just something they are playing around with at the moment. Turn it up to 450 HP rated and the car will sell.

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