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Mid Fla Mustang Club's 26th Annual Roundup


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A judged show for those that ARE PRE-Registered before the 2/2/13 cutoffhave a 2010 or older Mustang or Ford Powered - this does include Mercury & Lincoln; all in this class will receive an award


Peoples Choice for those with 2011 or newer models, those that register after the 2/2/13 pre-reg cutoff (including day of show), and those that choose this class; all will have a chance at an award - total awards (25) is split between Mustang and Other Ford Powered


Best of Awards - Awards are presented for Best Mustang, Best Ford, Best of Show - all entered vehicles are included in these People's Choice Vote classes


The show flyers are out and are available for completion and printing on our website.


These forms can then be mailed in with the $25 entry. OR we will soon have an online registration page up where you can register and pay by debit, credit, echeck or PayPal through a PayPay website. We will be using a system basically the same as the one we have used in the past few years.


Online registration is open! Check out the event website and registration at:



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The last couple of years its been a diner about 2 miles from Waterford.


Typically, we meet around 7 AM, have breakfast and meet another group we park with at 8 AM and drive to registration together to park together.


I will talk to Vic to see if he wants to do the same thing this year.


Or he may chime here some time....

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Are you interested in meeting us for breakfast. We have 8-9 Shelby's meeting for breakfast and then going in together to park together.


We are meeting at 7 AM at the diner: 5 & Diner, address is 12286 E Colonial Dr. Orlando, Fl 32826.


We have two TS members from Jax and St Augustine coming down to meet us. Would be great if you wanted to join us.

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DGGT500 and myself will be meeting at the St. Augustine Outlet Mall exit south of Jacksonville at 5:30 am. There's a KFC on the southwest side of the road (CR16 I believe) where we can meet so it will make for an easier return to the interstate.


I estimate a little over an hour of travel time to the restaurant - route should be I-95 to I-4, then exit at 417 (Eastern Beltway - Toll Road) to hit Colonial Drive. I don't expect to much traffic and I usually cruise at around 75 mph.


If anyone else is interested - join us!



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There is a Dunkin Donuts at this exit also if anyone meeting us in St. Aug needs coffee for the ride down before meeting at KFC. The DD is not on the friendly side of the exit for I-95 south though. The exit number is 318 for SR 16 at the outlets. Post up and let us know if there will be others joining.



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