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2010 FRPP Handling Kit Discontinued


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Found out something interesting the other day when I was talking to Steve at Tousley Ford. Ford Racing has discontinued the M-FR3-MSVT handling kit for the 2010 GT500's. It has been superseded by the M-FR3-MSVTA kit for the 2011-2012 models (now listed as 2007-2012 models). The real pisser in this deal is that the strut tower brace has been removed (and discontinued by Ford) from the kit and it its place they have added the strut mounts and jounce stops. Oh and raised the price $100.00 to $1799.95 list.


I know it is still listed on the Ford Racing Parts website (or was the last time I looked), but according to Tousley, it is no longer available in their wholesale system and if it ain't in the system, they can't order it. Poop.



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