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SGT suspension question

Rev Dennis

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Will installing adjustable shocks allow the stiffness of the SGT to be significantly lessened? Or are the springs so hard that softening the shocks won't help? I am looking at another as a daily driver. As they come it is just too stiff for me as a daily driver.


The job of the shocks is to control spring oscillations . The question here is do you still have the stock wheels/tires on your car and have you check to see if the sway bars are binding or any other suspension components in bind which would cause a harsh ride . Yes the Tokico D-spec shocks work well for street driven SGTs but the stock shocks have not been the source of harsh ride quality.
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I replaced the SGT struts/shocks with Koni Sport Yellows for the same reason. They softened the ride some and gave a more "refined" feel to it, but after several months of driving it, I decided it was still too stiff for a DD. I then replaced the SGT springs with Steeda Sport Springs, after talking with Sam Strano. I now feel like I have a nearly ideal setup. With the Konis at full soft to 1/2 turn firm, the ride is little different from a stock GT. About 1 turn firm seemed good on the track (my first track day - so I'm no expert). Ride comfort is good, and the car doesn't scrape on every speed bump. While you're at it, replace the stock strut mounts with Steeda HD Upper Strut Mounts (eliminates later problems with the stock mounts and allows better alignment). I really like driving my SGT with this setup and now have about 40K miles on her.


Also changed out the BFG's for Pirelli P-Zero Nero's. I now have much better grip and control, as well as comfort! Hope this helps.

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These will do it for you: http://www.steeda.co...cks-struts.html


A number of the guys have these and, if you want, you can adjust them from daily drive to track machine. Check them out.







Soften them up for road trips, then on track days, the firmest setting is stiffer than stock. BTW, Tokico is the manufacturer of the Ford Racing struts and shocks.



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