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How 'Far' is 'Too far' gone?

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It would depend on how rare the car is. if it is a "run of the mill" Mustang, with nothing really unique or special about it, then it's not worth it (IMO). However, if its the only one that was made in a certain color combination, or has some one-off experimential factory engine option, or has a documented race history, or was used in a famous movie, or has something specific to it that makes it not just a other rusted out old shell of a car, then "yes", it would be worth restoring.


.....but this one looks to be a "dead parrot"




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Only reason that anybody would even attempt is if it were something EXTREMELY special. I can see just by the door pealing and such that the underneath of that car would be completely rusted away. Specially sitting outside up in the north east like that. Not likely that there would be any reason to even attempt. It would cost at least three times to restore than the value of the car would be. There are way to many very inexpensive 67-68 Mustang coupes out there in far better shape for restoration. Now if this was and S or R code, then it would be worth going through the work, but that I'm guessing is not the case.

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