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Insurance and Mods for your Daily Driver in California?


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For those that have put a fair amount into modifications on your vehicle what are you doing about insurance?


I have talked to Haggerty and while I would be covered even though it's a '13, they won't cover me as my car is my daily driver and I put on too many miles each year for their policies.


Have you been able to find a stated value or agreed upon value replacement program that will take all modifications into account in the case of a loss?


Anybody have a broker / or contact recommendation for me?

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I use AAA and had no problem having the car individually viewed; showed them the money I had put into it; was upfront about the horse power increase and they wrote the policy such that I have replacement value for what I have. It did not seem to be a big deal to them, really. I had to go to the district office to have the car assessed but that was about it. Whatever the premium increase was, I don't recall it being anything significant.



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Call Tony Gay - 650-224-4993. Tony took care of me and several other TS members.



Thanks for the recommendations guys!


I'll follow-up. I am a AAA member but don't currently use them to insure my vehicle. I'll have to look into them and I'll give Tony a call.



I've got 5 cars with Tony ('68KR, '08KR, '09KR, '06GTH, '12B2), and his rates cannot be touched. I'm paying about $1400 for six months for all 5. That is with their "Chrome" product

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AAA covered the SGT with no problems because they could find it in the book. However, they would only cover the 350 as a base GT, so I had to use a specialty broker. Actually it worked out better in the long run because the annual premium was very reasonable.



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USAA is a good deal my son has them. I use a company called Cincinnati Insurance, their a AAA rated insurance Co been in business for years. My Agent recommended them and I have been very happy however I have never had a claim though.

As a couple of the other posters I am insured for replacement value plus my adds, I have to keep any receipt for purchase and installation of mods. A small price to pay to get my money back if anything should happen. Heck I keep all the receipts anyway.

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