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2007 40th Anniversary vert #2 party of 15 car with 605hp

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I have had 3 offers on mine from Dupont Registry add in magazine.

One was for $75,000 one for $99,000 and the other one I did not even ask because I was so upset that offers were coming in and 40th had damage from Sandy and I could not sell.

Did not want to know I was too upset from Sandy about my loss to ask.

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this car has 1800 miles on it and is flawless. Can anybody tell me what this car is worth?


This car is actually the first 605 SS on the ground. No Supersnakes, except the prototypes, had been built when the party of 15 had their cars built. So, the first 605 and the first 725 were 40th's. This car should be worth some money.
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