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Terminator Owners -- Starter Problems Anyone?


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I'm just curious, has anyone had to replace or started experiencing problems with their starters?


Two days ago, it started to randomly not turn over -- it would click once and then nothing :( . The first three times it happened, after four or five tries, it would eventually turn over. The last time I had to push start the car, fortunately the parking lot had a lot of slope. The curious thing was, after I got it home and it had sat for a few hours and I had told my husband it wouldn't start, the damn thing started right up :headscratch: . It problem seemed to only occur when the engine was hot and had sat for a short time before starting it again.


Afraid of having it completely die and being stuck somewhere, I decided to replace the starter. I originally thought, how hard can it be to replace, I can do this. Yeah, right! Has anyone seem where the starter is located :eek5: ? Geez, it's tight in there! I was definitely, worth the $321 to have someone else do it.


When I mentioned to the parts department that I thought it was really early for this to go bad, he agreed with me. Then he told me they had a two new and one rebuilt starter in stock, he said there must be a problem with these starters because they only stocked parts once the originals had reached their service life.

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