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Anyone speak Arabic...(Yes, a 'Shelby related' question)!

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My son, Joe, and his Egyptian wife, (if you know the Bible, you'd know of ANOTHER guy named Joseph with an Egyptian wife, but that's another thread...), ANYWAY, Joe & his wife, Damaris got me a cool 'Shelby' t-shirt, for Christmas.

When I held it up for the usual family photo, all the Egyptians laughed when they read the name! Apparently 'Shel-buh-ee' is a humorous persona/word/something(???), of which they couldn't convey to my simple mind what it meant! They said it's not BAD, just funny! So, if anyone can shed some light on this....


(On a seperate note, you should have seen the looks on their faces/etc., when I introduced them to my Indian neighbor, 'Asheesh', which, being similar to 'hasheesh', the drug(?), in Arabic, as well as English)!


Merry Christmas!

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