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On the SS in the options it shows a 2nd door sill for $599 so whats the standard door sill do you get with the base configuration ????



Cut me a little slack if I'm not 100% accurate on my assessment because I'm going strictly by my 57 year old memory. It's still pretty good but definitely not what it used to be. I also don't own a Super Snake so I'm FAR from a expert on them and therefor not nearly as up to date on SS options as some of the others here are but having the initial intention of having my 2010 upfitted to a Super Snake, I might know a tad more than the average guy out there. Do yourself a favor and run a search for Robert M., he's probably the most knowledgeable guy I knows on Super Snakes.


Now, having said all that;


IF MEMORY SERVES ME, the "standard" Super Snake door sill plate is a alumium piece with "SUPER SNAKE" engraved in it and filled with black paint, along with the vehicle CSM# in smaller font across the bottom edge (also filled with black paint).


The "OPTIONAL" sill plate has the Super Snake lighted panel but I don't believe the smaller font CSM# is lighted, just painted.


Look around for SS owners. Click on their profile and see if they have a picture gallery. If you search long/hard enough, I'd wager a couple bucks that you will eventually find a example of what I write of.


I know FOR SURE that Shelby sells a lighted GT500 sill plate so I may be confusing that item with what my memory is telling me the optional SS sill plate is.






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