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Display case for my 1/64 Shelby's - Globe Fuel Pump


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I saw this old sunglasses display case at a local auction. I instantly saw what I wanted to do. Yesterday I disassembled it, removed all the wood venear, wrapped the base in metal, painted it up, added stickers, added hose and nozzle, took all the shelves out, added pegs, reassembled, added globe. Now I have the most excellent display for my 1/64's still in packages. Also fit the Shelby Haulers really well.








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WOW!!!!! Really, really cool idea.


I would like to offer a constructive opinion (I hope it is taken that way.) You have done an exceptional job on this faux gas pump and it is really special, but I feel like the stick-on numbers and dashes do it a disservice. As much time and effort as you have put in it, I think the end result really justifies having someone professionally letter the glass in a vintage style with pinstriping paint or professional decals. It would look so much more perfect and would be the final touch your project needs. Again, just a suggestion. Regardless, I think it is ULTRA cool!

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Very Nice I like it. I also agree with redlinetoys comments that you should remove the dashes and the numbers decals.



Yep, good call. Those numbers are just there because that is what I had laying around and put them there for spacing for now. I am getting some nicer numbers made up. Thanks, this actually came out nicer than I pictured it in my head when I saw the sunglass case. Bought it for $20. Have about $200 in it. The globe on top was the kicker at $120.

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