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VMP's "Christine" does some off-season tweaks.


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Winter finally sets in here in the upper midwest and the tracks are closed, so it was time for some new bits and pieces.


With thanks to the boss (Mr. Justin Starkey) and Kelly Aiken at BMR, Christine deep sixes her rear sway bar for a BMR Anti-Roll Bar (XSB005).


While S197's are fairly stiff, you can certainly get enough torque twist (body roll) and torque steer to keep you from clipping off optimal launches. So, what do you do? Lock 'er down. The BMR Anti-Roll Bar has a very sturdy bracket/brace, the bar with twin arms and double adjustable end links.


While BMR says this is for drag racing applications only, and some other manufacturers say they're for off road use only, I can tell you that with my personal experience and the way I drive (carefully) the BMR product and their poly bushings provide manners that will allow you to drive reasonably on-road as opposed to spherical-only ends.


The rear end is clearly uber-tight and is solid as a rock. So, no, you don't want a soft front end with this rear set up. My Tokico D-Specs let me set them at full "hard" and everything works in harmony.


So, what does this mean to you?


If you're drag racing, it allows you to adjust for torque twist and set your suspension for dead straight, fully flat launches and when used with the right components, drive your traction straight down to the surface. No loss on one side or the other, no twist, nothing but plant and go.


Here are a few looks.








Enjoy and happy holidays!



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