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Insurance for late model Shelby?


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My SGT is a garage queen and has only traveled about 200 miles in the last 1 1/2- 2 years. I carry only, i believe it is comprehension, while it is parked in the garage and drop the liability. If I want to take the car out for a spin then I call the agent, and send an email to confirm, to activate the liability portion. Then when I get home I tell him to cancel again. So I only pay for one day at a time the few times it goes out.

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I'm using Grundy for my SGT. Its an agreed replacement value collector car insurance. I can't use the car as a daily driver and have to have a regular daily driver for every licensed driver in the household. I also have to have the car stored in an a garage. Since the Shelby Mustang is just a toy I can live with those restrictions just fine.


Other than that, theres no mileage and use restrictions and its a very reasonable cost compared to having regular insurance like on my daily drivers. I've used Grundy for a couple of decades now having had them for my 55 and 57 Chevys.

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