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I need help...


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Not sure if this is where i can ask for help But i got a 89 dakota Shelby, #1163 I am haveing a Problem I can't get the fuel pump to Work, Let me Refrase that...The Full pump gets votls when the key is on, It primes at the fuel pumps terminals it gets 12v. Then when you Go to crank it the volts drop to .2 The battery is good, Also when crank it no fuel comes out of the Lines. But when you Just turn the key to Run it primes it and fuel comes out for about 1 second. I can not figure this out so i am asking for some help if possible.





Got to get this Off base housing Since i get out of the Marines on 2013 Jan 28. Too broke to tow need to fix it lol.

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I know that a lot of people have said before ... check the gounds! It almost sounds like the battery cannot handle a full load, like cranking it over. This could be caused by a bad ground, or a bad battery. Clean the battery terminals also while you're at it. The battery may be strong enough to run the pump but it may have an internal short.

The fact that the pump will run in the on position tells me that everything is working properly. For the record I believe they are designed to run for several seconds until it builds pressure. If the system determines that there is no pressure it will shut down the fuel pump as a safety precaution.


Good luck.


EDIT... by the way, thank you for your service :salute:

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yeh, thats another thing i can't even find a good Diagram Of the wireing for this crap. And the main reason was because The pump wouldn't even prime was the orig problem. its been a while since i had to be redo The the Chassis on this Oil pump was bad Tranny was bad 2 broken pistons. I am at the end of this and now its something i cant figure out. But like i was saying about the Wireing issues The Vaults At the Pump when cranking is .2 which is FAR to low so thats why i am thinking its a Relay or a wire BUT i cant find a wiring Diagram and a Service Manual the orig ones are 60+ $ Lol

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