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Writers block! Give me some ideas!


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I'm putting together a sign to take along to future car shows with me, and I'm at a loss what to put on there.

2007 Shelby GT





Thats all I have.


I was thinking about putting build numbers, maybe everything that I've heard it called and it's not ( NOT a GT500, Mach 1, GT350, GT300, That car from the Nick Cage movie) possibly a CS quote, anyone have any ideas? I do need to keep it relatively short, the sign isn't going to be too big,

Give me some ideas people!

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Wow! you guys have impressive set ups!

My printing space is quite limited, I've decided for sure I will be putting build numbers on there (1 of 495 color/trans combo!) and by Shelby American, Las vegas, NV.

I will be laminating some color copies of the window stickers and hang them up in the windows so they can tell the story about the SGT upgrades.

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