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New 2011 GT500


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Looked at the video and really not sure what the heck the dealer was talking about,"there are no stripes on the hood because it was a performance package upgrade"????? Again he prob meant that the car was ordered stripe delete. It's really tooooooo bad that salesmen don't really know WHAT the HELL they are selling. Buyer needs to do research on products before buying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Yah it always suprises me that people "in the business" are less informed then your average enthusiast. It is what it is. They guy in the video is actually the finance manager and the dealership was a pleasure to do business with. I knew he had misspoke. I went to another dealership today get a price on oem stripes and the lady though she had to order from Shelby...

No matter. I am ordering them from stickercity.com. I priced oem online. Sheesh not gonna pay 2300 dollars for vinyl.

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