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2010 Fender side scoops


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I want to put the OEM fender side scoops on my car but I hate those cheesy rubber inserts. GT500's from the 60's had a metal insert that screwed to the inlet since the scoops were actually real and they look professional and belong on a Shelby. Does anyone make anything like this that fits a 2010, price is irrelevant at this point?


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Ya I suppose you're right, but I want to have a real opening in the vent with a grill, just me.


I also have the OEM side scoops on my 2010 and I am glad for the inserts because they keep all the dirt and bugs from going any farther. If you have grill what do you do about cleaning out the dirt and bugs that will go into the scoop? Unless you put a hole in the scoop to let water run out the bottom for cleaning, I dont think a vacuum will get in there unless you have a special attachment. Anyway, good luck.

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