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Black Calipers.


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Recently I asked Jim Silverman { MCA National Head Judge 3rd thru 5th Gen} a question concerning the correct color of the brake calipers. The reason I asked him is I will be entering next years MCA National Show in Indy and I wanted to be as correct as possible.


Jim fowarded my question and I received the answer today. It read " All GT-Hs are equipped with a five speed automatic transmission, for self-protection reasons, and the brake calipers are refinished in black". This quote came from the September 2006 issue Motor Trend magazine.


After reading the article again I found other items that will help in winning points next year.


Also Larry Miller told me he had seen both natural and black. I think I will stick with black since thats the way I received the car.

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Any natural colored one's I've seen have been replaced, or just pealed off. Once the pealing begins, you can blow all the black paint off with a power washer very easily. These were just hit with a burst of black spray with no prep or primer what so ever according to some of the guys on the line that I talked to way back. So they should all be black to my knowledge. It just is not very long lasting. Definitely get them black before an MCA level judging event.


So what if one showed up with a 1 of the 4 stick ones built? ha...ha....

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Would something like this help? This is just one I saw w/ a Google search...




I'm thinking about finishing my silver calipers w/ a paint so they look more finished.

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I put MGP CALIPER COVERS on my car and they look great . I had them paint the same color as my car Candy red . Check them out you'll love them .



Thinking about putting these on my 5.0 at some point. I read that they are also good at improving the brake dust issue.....

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