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2007 Shelby GT for sale in Eastern PA


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I had someone at work ask me today how much a car like mine would cost and where he could find one. Someone suggested cars.com. My comment was there is no specific breakdown for a Shelby GT. I went to cars.com punched in 2007 Ford Mustang, it shows a "premium" model.... when I click on that it takes me to a local deal that has this Shelby GT... I was dumbfounded that it was that easy to find one.... :hysterical:


anyway here's the link.... I didn't study it other than the obvious stripe removal (everywhere except the scoop :banghead: )




nevermind.... while researching some stuff on the internet today... the cars.com add was scrolling on the sidebar.... I saw this one and two others.... I guess there are more of them out there for sale than I thought.

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I'll bet they were surprised when they started the stripe removal and found when they got to the scoop, that the sticker was the black part and the silver was painted! Doh!!!


yeah the Doofus probablly told all his friends that it was the wrong scoop and they tried to hide it with a black piece of tape. :hysterical:
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