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What's up guys? Thought I'd add my SGT here.


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What's up guys!


Thought I'd finally register after 3 years of just surfing through the forums and reading.


Anyways, I bought my 2008 Shelby GT in 2009 after I graduated HS. I still love my car!

I can add pictures if you like, but I'm a little lazy right now.


VIN: 1ZVHT82H985149790

32,000 Miles.

Got my stripes painted on; the $&@% stickers were discoloring to a nasty brownish tint! It's very difficult to find a body shop that will give you 100% customer satisfaction. I'm half Korean myself, but these guys love to work half ass. Ugh!

No mods done. (except the Shelby GT package, of course)


Still driving it around here in South Korea. Roads get pretty crowded around here but I love to step on it time to time.


Anyways! Thanks!


PS: I have a couple of questions if you guys don't mind.


My car is still in excellent condition. What would the private party sell value be? My brother needs a car and I might just sell it to him for 20k.

Is there an appreciation value? My car is #08 off the line (If I remember correctly)


Thanks guys.



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Welcome to Team Shelby, Low to mid 20's is probably right where the car should be as far as value.


If you do decide to let it go, make sure you have your brother register it with the Shelby American Registry, if you decide to keep it, you should register it to you. You can do so by following the link in my signature. Good luck with which ever you decide to do. Again, welcome to Team Shelby.

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Wow driving that car in Korea is pretty daring! I was stationed in Korea and spent my time between Camp Casey and Camp Bonifas. Had no problems driving the Hummer around because I didn't care about the scratches and bumps it got from other cars making a 3 lane road into a 5 lane road but my Shelby would be a different story. In any case, welcome to TS.

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