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Taking delivery tomorrow anything I should add to my list???


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Monday delivery has now turned in to Thursday and of course it has to be the trucking company's fault. When will theses dealers learn underpromise and overdeliver once you sign on the line the shitty service starts. Oh well more time to add to my list.

I am taking delivery tomorrow what to look for. have instructed to

  • Ensure original window sticker is on car and not damaged
  • Do not wash car or remove any of the factory plastic protection. (basically no PDI cleanup)
  • Do not install Front license plate bracket
  • Do not install front splitter
  • Do not put any dealer stickers on it


what I should check for

  • 3 piece splitter in trunk
  • convertible boot in trunk
  • license plate bracket in trunk
  • owners manual
  • undercarriage for damage
  • paint with a fine tooth comb
  • panel fits (I know it is a Ford how OCD should I be??)


Tape it and drive home

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Have them take the tag off the drive shaft or do it when you get it home. If you have the Shaker Pro, check to make sure the sub is not scratched from the splitter box being shoved in the trunk.


is there enough room for you to slide under there and remove yourself or do you need a ramp/lift?

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Car is at dealer and we are going to get it a 5:15 Wife wants to be there

I did drive by the dealer at lunch and it looks great!!

stripes are in line but have to have a closer look at the finish

paint seems to have a couple of spots but will use some quick detail and microfiber and see if it cleans up

The plastic has been removed from the seats but still on the floor

no scrapes on splitter, mufflers, or rear diffuser

will have a real close look after work

WHAT A BEAUTY!!!!!!!!!!! :happy feet: :happy feet: :happy feet: :happy feet: :happy feet: :drool::drool::drool:

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