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is there a 2012 V6 Shelby that only 3 was made?


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so i heard from a friend that he went to a car show, and someone had a 2012 V6 Mustang but the owner said it a rare Shelby and only 3 were made? According to my friend, the owner said Summit Racing owns 2 of the Rare Shelbys and his is the only public Shelby available.


I asked if the car was a GTS but he said it wasnt, i am guessing probably the guy is full of %&%*$@!$! and put Shelby badges on the car or he purchase the car with the badges



I wish i had pictures but i do not

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Without pics or a VIN number its difficult to know exactly what the deal is but sounds like a fairy tale. I know of zero SAI built Shelby's being sold to Summit Racing.





I wonder if he's talking about a Roush, like the Raybestos Roush....




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