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low mileage GT500 on ebay

Jon Mopar

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It does look clean, except when the guy taking the pics left leaves on the driver's floor mat. The other concern like someone stated earlier is the drying out of the hoses and since there is no warranty, what about all the past TSB's that were not performed on it....

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It appears this GT500 was shipped to a NJ Ford dealer but sold new to someone from SC in March 2007.


Looks like a broker is trying to sell the car for the owner which makes you wonder what the owner will really get for the car. Have a feeling that you could pick the car up for less than $35k especially if you were dealing direct with the owner.


Looks like a great car and I wouldn't worry about any hoses. The hoses should be in better shape than most GT500's that were driven.



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I agree, they could have taken a vacuum to it...just the nice thing to do when taking pics. As for the hoses, if I had to guess, they probably used cleaner/degreaser on the engine to get any dust/grime off. Some of that general purpose stuff leaves white/grayish residue on rubber (I've used meguiars all-purpose, which is the mos popular with detailers, and it does in a bad way). If you put it on a hot engine, or don't hose it all off well, it looks like that....worse than when you started.

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