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2013 SVT Shelby GT500 20th Anniversary Calendar Dealer Allocation

Amigo GT500

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Definitely a GREAT calendar. My dealership only got in a few of these and was nice enough to give me one of them. They also got in the double sided

2013 GT500 posters and spec. cards and I was able to get a couple of each of them too. GREAT ITEMS ! Give your dealers a call and see if they have

any they would part with. Why pay for something when you might be able to get it for free. No offence meant to Jorge for buying one.


Take care and good luck all.



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I am NOT related to this person. I dont have anything to do with this sale. I just purchased one and I want to share with other members.















Good God, I have an entire box of them.... maybe I'll start giving them away to people liking our new FB page.

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One more thing. I just spoke with a friend of mine in Illinois who whorks at a Ford dealership. They got 25 of the calendars in a couple of weeks ago and they went like hotcakes ! So maybe each of the dealerships got in more than I thought. Good luck to all those contacting their dealerships about these.



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