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Going into Production TODAY!


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Not Good with everyone hung over could come out looking like a Camero Good Luck. :hysterical:



Was hoping the hangovers would be done Sunday, but maybe there was one last round Sunday night. Or maybe everyone is fat and happy from the holiday?? Yeah, Ill stick with that one. B)

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Well, I am thrilled that my 2013 has gone into production today, 1 week earlier than previously planned. :banvictory:


But, should I be concerned going into production on a Monday? First workday after the Thanksgiving break?? :shrug:


same here, my build date is today as well. I was really hoping the Lions were going to win on thanksgiving just to brigthen the mood in MI.

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I heard it wasn't that great so I ordered the one on the shelby store:




You are correct. The cover from Ford is ok.

The one from the Shelby store is much better. And it looks great too.

I have one for my 07.

Was ordering one last week, but the wife stopped me saying that she needs XMAS ideas. SOOOOO.......

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