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Winter Wheels


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This is the best time of the year for us. Humidity is low.


I lived in NJ until I was 14. I know about snow. Been here since.


Even though the humidity sucks in the summer...I will deal with it more than the snow.


Different strokes for different folks...that is what makes our world go round. :shoppingcart_:

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I'm from the Hollywood area. It was always humid. Winters were warm. All thru childhood I longed to experience seasons! Now I have them - not by choice but due to various work related relocations. I do enjoy the seasons, however I must admit that the final month of winter is not my favorite.


Anyway, back on topic, I will be posting pictures here from time to time as my Mustang GT plows thru the winter!



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Well, I suppose you can polish up your drifting technique on snow covered parking lots!happy%20feet.gif



That's right!



Bob are those the 18" bullitts? We tried 17" mustang wheels on hers and they hit the brakes. So we end up putting Cooper Weathermaster WSC's on the stock wheels for now. We're looking for another set of 18's.



Sean - yes, they are the 18" Ford Racing Bullitts. I got them from Tire Rack.

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I have a pretty bad snow photo of mine too.... ughhh...






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