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Favorite Christmas Tunes

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I was in Los Angeles this week for a USB business meeting. On the way out I was in a hurry but yesterday I got in early and was freaked out. Political Correctness was dismissed. The PA had CHRISTMAS songs. Unabashedly. Most with religious overtones. Really mentioning the Christmas holiday


There were lots,


One was this one. I remember it when it was on TV. That was oh so long ago.




Bowie was a really great artist.

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Today on the radio I heard one that I hadn't heard since last year.


As recorded by Father Ted Berndt, a priest at Bread of Life Charismatic Episcopal Church in Dousman, Wisconsin, a proud Marine and a WWII Purple Heart recipient and my Dad.


The poem's author, James M. Schmidt, was a Lance Corporal stationed in Washington, D.C., when he wrote the poem back in 1986.


"The true story is that while a Lance Corporal serving as Battalion Counter Sniper at the Marine Barracks 8th & I, Washington, D.C., under Commandant P.X. Kelly and Battalion Commander D.J. Myers (in 1986), I wrote this poem to hang on the door of the gym in the BEQ. When Colonel Myers came upon it, he read it and immediately had copies sent to each department at the Barracks and promptly dismissed the entire Battalion early for Christmas leave. The poem was placed that day in the Marine Corps Gazette, distributed worldwide and later submitted to Leatherneck Magazine."



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