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Christmas Trees - Real or Fake?

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We used to get a permit from the BLM to cut our own for years when the kids were younger. We'd load up the slide-in camper add the ATVs and head to the mountains boardering the West Desert looking for Pinion Pines. They always seemed smaller out there, especially when we tried to jam them thru the front door. :doh: Tyey lasted forever but dropoped lots of sap. We ruined many a tree skirt but they sure smell good and set the mood for Chistmas.


Once the girls were in high school, they lost interest in tree cuting and we found it easier to put up an artifical tree. It is all about the mess and clean-up with the needles and sap in January. In fact, we just bought a new artificial tree a few weeks ago and gave our youngest daughter our old one. The old one before that we gave to a family on our block who were down on their luck and could afford a Christmas tree that year. We had kicked around the idea of a new tree but seeing them without was too much. We bought us a new one and showed up at their door with our old one.

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We have a fake tree, we just bought a new one on QVC, pre-lit just slide the 3 sections together and plug into the wall. barley needed fluffed and the LED light are pretty sweet!



When I turned the lights on the camera had a hard time focusing the LED lights are very bright.

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Did real trees for many years but it seems they had gotten so dry and made such a mess that we bough one with lights and some fiber optics and it is beautiful. We have a big closet and we just set it in there from year to year and don't have to take it apart.

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REAL........the Mess it make is well worth the smell. You can't fake the smell of a REAL Christmas Tree.



+1. When I was in high school I worked at a quite large Xmas tree lot after school and the weekends. The owners were from Oregon and had the trees shipped to So Cal from there tree farm. Ended up working their for about 6 Xmas seasons. Decent tips and for weeks into January the inside of my car smelled like trees!!! I'll never forget that smell. Anyway, to go fake would be sacrilage for my family!! :cry:

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Some years when our girls were home I insisted on a real tree. With the cats eating the needles it was a pain, but the smell in the house was awesome. When we lived in Phoenix in the 70s there was a DJ that made a recipe - hot water, a little turpentine and molasses, that kept the trees for a month. Every day or two whenever it sucked it up. And it really worked vs. straight water. Now I have to try to remember his name. I listened to him all the time.

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