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I'm looking to order a set of Corbeau TRS seats (black cloth) to put in this winter (I guess you could call it a Christmas present...). If the seats bolt up to a set of Corbeau tracks what's stopping me from taking the stock seat off the power bottom and bolting the new seats up to that, and the same on the passenger side with the stock tracks. If the tracks are the same my thinking is that the bolt placements would be the same.


At the same time, I'm thinking about getting the the Boss X-brace for the back seat. Buyfordracing.com has a grey one on sale for $999.99 that I would get reprinted to match the stripe color. I know that if I decided to do the back seat I should do it at the same time with the fronts out for convenience. Has anyone done the back seat with the X-brace and seen a gain in anyway. I know the weight loss is about 20 lbs, which in the grand scheme of things isn't a lot. The install seems straight forward, I read Tob's write up on the svt forum. I just don't want to spend $1000 if its not going to do anything, but at the same time if there are racing seats and belts in the front with a harness bar behind them the back seat won't be easily used anyway.


I do like the look of the X-brace and the racing seats, but the cost has me on the fence about it. Any ideas or opinions about what to do? Or know anyone that has gone the same route and discovered some information that ended up being important to the install/purchasing process?

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Nothing really to offer except I have leather trs's in my 68 and LOVE them...



What made you choose the leather over the cloth? I know that the cloth/micro suede is supposed to hold you "into" the seat better than the leather is. Do you find that to be true?

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I chose leather because I simply like leather mostly but also am under the impression the cloth tends to fade on aftermarket seats. I would agree though that its likely to be better from a grip standpoint. The seats are light years ahead of stock 68 seats either way though and I think once I add the cage and 5 point belts that it wouldnt matter either way.

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Tousley ford, may be spelled wrong, has that x brace for $935 plus shipping.



I saw that, but i haven't called for a final price yet. I thought that with tax and shipping it might turn out to be more than the 999 one with tax and free shipping.


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