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Had a fun summer


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052.JPG057.JPG058.JPGWhen I bought this car wrecked a year ago there was no intention of it ever being a show car! I entered her last march in a local show just to advertise my business and it just got addicting from there.....Met alot of Great people through the summer( quite a few Shelby owners) and just had alot of fun talking to people and answering questions!

The bonus was winning some of the shows along the way along with a Jack Roush signature on the car( I know it's not Carroll but it's still cool).....My girlfriend has kinda gotten jealous of Shelly as I have really got a love for her...LOL!! It's not in the plans to go to as many shows next year but I'm sure that could change......I still have more mods I want to do and it's fun to see the reactions of people when they see my baby!!!




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