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Engine Details?


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Has anyone seen any information about the crank, rods, and pistons in the new GT500 5.4L engine?

How do these parts differ from the parts in the Lightning and GT 5.4L engines?


Has anyone seen flow numbers for the Ford GT heads? What are the valve diameters?


Has anyone seen the cam specs for the GT engine? - I have heard this will be different in the GT500 engines, but how much different and WHY?


Thanks for your time,


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For anyone that is interested, this is what SEEMS to be in the GT500 engine based on what I have been able to track down:


Crank - forged steel - soon to be redesigned.

Rods - Manley forged H-Beam (not I-beam as the press literature states)

Pistons - 8.4:1 forged with Ford GT rings


Heads - Same as 2000 5.4L GT-R 4v with 37mm intake and 32mm exhaust. The ports are angled differently and have significantly more volume than the Navigator 4v heads.


Flow @ 25 in h2o with 3.570 inch bore (.018 over), .500 lift - intake ~268 cfm; exhaust ~206 cfm.

Converted to 28 inches of h2o intake ~283.6 cfm; exhaust ~218.0 cfm

(This is taken from one source only - take as you will)



Cam - no data found YET.


All in all, this should be a very strong engine once the crank snout issues are addressed. Let's keep our fingers crossed that they decide to change the dampener/main blower pulley to a 2 piece design. Otherwise changing pulleys for more boost will be tougher and more expensive.

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Wouldn't that much hp make this car unmanagable for street driving???




Well, it depends on your right foot. But stepping on it too much will cause tire shredding in 1, 2 and 3rd.........

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The weak link in this engine will be the rods. I expect cracked I-beam rods in the production engines, not the H-beams. I am concerned about the rod length - I hope it is improved over the Lightning engines.


The 2003 4.6L Cobra engines could handle 700 RWHP, my bet is that this 5.4L will do more. With better heads, and more cubes, the engine will make more power (and lots more torque) with the same boost. The limiting factor will be aftermarket superchargers, and what they can flow.


The 3.3L unit from Whipple should be more than enough. :devil:


The live axel should be MUCH better for traction than the IRS in the last cobras, but traction will be an issue. Too much? Heresy!!!!


A set of drag radials will be a good investment. :burnout:

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