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Think about picking up a turkey tomorrow when you're shopping for your Thanksgiving meal. And drop it off at your local food pantry. I work at our pantry here in Washington, NC, and we serve 5% of our county's people. You may not be aware of how many people in your area need help. Please consider putting a bird in your basket and help a family enjoy a holiday meal!


Thanks - Ruf :salute:


(we gave out turkeys last year - 450 - but it cost us $7k. We don't have the funds this year to do it again.)

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Our company started putting up the Christmas trees and stuff in the hallways today. They put little cards on them - pick up a card and buy a gift or a certificate. I always pick up the ones that are "$100 gift card for <the local grocery store>" (many of them, noone has figured out why they disappear so quickly). And when I get them more come back. I like to have my money go locally now.

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PS - please consider putting in some volunteer hours at your local food pantry. Our community has a population of about 10k - and our modest pantry has about 200 volunteers that serve about 1,000 families a month. (we have home deliveries and mobile pantries) Many first time volunteers tell me that they're hooked once they experience the gift of giving to others of only their time and effort. One client today had me close to tears when she hugged me and blessed me for the food she was taking home for her two children. Do what you can. Thanks.

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