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Body Shop Recommendation - Dallas/Fort Worth Area


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I have a 2012 GT500 black performance package with red stripes. Two weeks ago, I got a nasty rock chip on the passenger side front fender that skipped. It chipped in two places down to the metal. I tried touching it up myself (building it up, smoothing it down etc.) and basically made the whole thing worse.


I need to have the fender repaired.


Any recommendations for a good body shop in the DFW area?


Bankston Ford has a body shop close to where we live in Arlington. In the past, I've used Master Europa in Fort Worth on BMWs and Porsches and they always did a great job. I wasn't sure if a Ford body shop would do a better job since it's a Ford or if I'm better off going to a body shop that's used to working on real high end vehicles.


Car only has 1,600 miles on it. Total bummer. For the repair, is there anything I need to insist the body shop do to make it perfect?


Thanks for the recommendations!

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Springer always tell me to go here and I need to go to repair a paint issue on my Mustang. Have not been here yet but check out what Springer says in this thread.




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Pro Care Collision, Flower Mound, Tx, 972/724-4434. The owner is Kevin Pyle who is a big car nut like most of us here and does outstanding work and is great with touch ups. He can also can paint your stripes and is very reasonable - almost the same price as buying vinyl stripes for the Shelby GT.


He just purchased a 2013 GT 500 and we can't wait to go out and "play" with the cars sometime.

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