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FRPP rear seat delete Shelby plate

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Hey Jer,

How about SPP making a brushed aluminum plate that goes over the "mustang" portion of the FRPP rear seat deletes X brace that says SHELBY or SHELBY GT or GT500. It looks like there is a recessed area around where it says mustang across the top of the brace ? I'm sure that even SPP could offer one for a price alot cheaper than trying to offer the complete rear seat delete kit .

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We're working on something even better. Updates as they occur.




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If this doesn't come out by like march I'm just going to get the boss LS one. They are selling for 900 dollars now. Super cheap.


Jer you should work on a side exhaust for the shelbys like the boss.. Actually Tob on svtperformance basically already gave you the write up on how exactly to do it. Ford racing may or may not make one for the gt500 but with Shelby's resources and basically the knowledge of how to do it already documented it would really be almost an effortless endeavour for shelby to take on plus they would sell like hot cakes.

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I'd love to have a Shelby rear seat delete thats like the Raceskinz version.




That's a nice set up. I've been debating between that and the FRPP set up? Any hints as to which it would be closer to Jer?

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