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Front passenger seat belt retractor is locked/jammed

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If anyone can help me here, our 2007 front passenger side seatbelt retractor is locked/jammed? ( it won't budge to use it) the car only had 186 miles on it when my husband bought it for me and there was plastic on the seats, so the seatbelt is in like brand new condition, is this an issue with the seat-belts doing this? and is there anything I can do to get it free? or does it need to go in to Ford?

any help would be appreciated.


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Is it jammed in the "out" position - like someone sat there and left it extended - or is it totally retracted and won't come out?


There is a way to pull the seat belt completely out of the retractor so that you can "lock" it in a particular position, which is handy for track days.


Mine occasionally will lock-up, but gentle pushing back into the retractor will release it - this doesn't sound like the case with yours. Before you run off to the dealer, if you're semi-skilled with repairs, it might be worth it to remove the trim piece(s) around the retractor and inspect it - perhaps it's just got something caught in the mechanism.



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if your careful the retractor can be removed and opened up. the lock piece can be pushed out and the retractor reset. ive done it on a cobra before its not too bad. just dont let the spring pop out or your screwed. its under alot of tension so it could come out like a missile. safety glasses are a must!

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