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Fuel Delivery Issue While Running GT500 on Track


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So I was on the track with the car the other day. Besides the smaller pulley, CAI and a STEEDA tune no other engine mods. I was just under a half a tank of gas. Went into a sharp right hander under hard braking. Came out of the turn, went back to the throttle and the car bogged down and stuttered. Seemed to be a fuel starvation issue and it took almost a quarter lap to get the engine to run "normal".


It happened in the morning session and I pulled off the track immediatly as I thought I had a serious issue. No engine codes and under the hood everything looked fine and no strange noises. Filled the tank and ran the next session fine although not as hard. Then towards the end of the day happened again under similar circumstances. I have run the car on the track other times with low fuel loads with no issues although I may have been running the car a little harder this time around.


Is fuel starvation the issue here with the gas getting pushed away from the fuel tank pickup in the hard turns and besides keeping the tank full (or attacking the curves with less enthusiasm) is there a way to minimize or prevent this issue? Have others experienced this issue or am I off the mark regarding fuel starvation?


I am planning on going back to the track in a few weeks and don't want to risk any damage to the engine. Thanks for the input.



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